Saturday, January 08, 2005

Syria and the UN's credibility

In a recent article, former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dore Gold argues that the UN needs to confront Syria's support for terrorism..

Now it's all well and good for the UN to confront terrorism. But what happened to the US? One of the puzzles of the administration's handling of the Iraq war over the past two years has been its unwillingness to confront in any meaningful way the Syrian/Iranian support for the insurgency. Part of the announced goal of the American war in Iraq is to bring democracy to the region. That goal is deeply threatening to both Syria and Iraq, and their natural response has been to aid those seeking to defeat the US. Apart from vague warnings, the US has apparently done nothing substantial to deter Syria/Iran from continuing to support those who are making war on the US and the new Iraqi government. It's going to be difficult for the American battle for democracy to succeed if the US does not put an end to Syrian/Iranian intervention in Iraq.


At Saturday, 08 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never understood the strange concept that turning Iraq into a democracy will transform countries like Syria and Iran into a democracy, that they feel threatened is nonsense...Jordan and Turkey have been functioning democracies for many years with little noticable effect on their immediate neighbours.
The American belief that eventually the whole middle east will turn into a version of Ohio is just odd and symptomatic of the larger problem. The more immediate threat to both Iran and Syria is the civil war and instability that the US has clumsily and arrogantly gifted to Iraq and the region as a whole.

At Tuesday, 11 January, 2005, Blogger Grumsalot said...

True, true. There is nothing to fear from democracy. Nothing. And besides, Iran is a type of democracy anyway. If I remember right from my last world history class, the Ayatollah and his successors had and have the overwhelming majority on their side. So, even though the people don't actually vote, theey wouldn't have it any other way, and "true" democracy really wouldn't change anything.


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