Sunday, February 20, 2005

Blogs for Condi

Just recently asked to join the "Blogs for Condi" list.

1. Condi is the logical successor to W in leading the War on Terror. She has been Present at the Creation--as one previous foreign policy wise man once put it. The decision to place democracy as the key goal in the War on Terror was bold, brilliant--and deeply American. And Condi has been central to this decision. Her loyalty to the president, her intelligence, her class, her integrity, and her grace under fire, make her the logical choice as the next GOP nominee for president.
2. 2004 will in all likelihood turn out to be a re-aligning election. Realignments tend to be cyclical and generational, recurring almost like clockwork every 36 years: 1788, 1824/28, 1860, 1896, 1932, 1968--and 2004. The single greatest weakness in what will surely be called by future historians the Septmber 11th coalition is the weaknes of GOP outreach to non-white Americans. The solidification of the September 11th coalition is essential to victory in the War on Terror--and to America's liberty. The best current candidate to solidify that coalition is Condi. The GOP is fortunate to have a leader with her character and integrity at such a crucial moment in the history of the Republic.
3. President Aristotle is an absolutely no-compromise pro-life blog. We are not unaware that questions have been raised about Condi's pro-life credentials. Yet we are confident that Condi will run a pro-life Department of State, and that by 2008 her pro-life positions across a spectrum of issues will be clear.

Finally, we are not unaware that Condi herself is said to have dismissed interest in being president--which in light of the Gollum-like ambitions of most presidential candidates is yet another of her qualifications for the job. Eisenhower had the same reservations--but answered his country when she called upon him. We are confident that Condi can be counted on to do the same.


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