Monday, February 28, 2005

The uselessness of the MSM: can they find Lebanon on a map?

One of the major factors contributing to September 11th was the failure of the MSM. Its decision to ignore the numerous factors indicating that terrorism was a threat to America was key factor in a tragedy.

Far too little has changed. This is not the place for full review of the failures of the post-September 11th media. But tonight is a case in point.

Lebanon is on the brink of revolution. Thousands of protesters have flooded the streets. And as of 10.00pm the MSM webpages give us...

CNN leads with Steve Fossett trying to set a record for flying around the world.
ABC leads with the bin Laden/Zarqawi connection.
CBS leads with Michael Jackson.
Fox leads with the east coast snowstorm, Michael Jackson, and bin Laden/Zarqawi.
Only MSNBC leads with the Lebanon revolution.

Absolutely useles...

UPDATE: Maybe I should subscribe to Al Jazeera--which at least knows news when it sees it.
Needless to say, the blogosphere is in high gear, starting with our friends at Instapundit.


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