Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Atlantic Monthly: liberals don't care about the poor..

The Atlantic Monthly via TigerHawk

Barely three weeks after the election the trendy MoveOn.org, the motor force of the so-called "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party," rallied its adherents coast-to-coast in a round of 1,600 house meetings. The assembled liberal activists—some 18,000—polled themselves and then published their top six political priorities. The results, in order, tell you all you need to know about the current state of progressive detachment and denial. Election reform and media reform came in first and second. The war in Iraq was third, followed by the environment, the Supreme Court, and civil liberties. In short, the biggest problems liberals face are those damned voting machines and Fox News. Glaringly absent from this activist wish list is anything vaguely resembling an aggressive populist agenda. The MoveOn plan provides no answers to those sweaty plebes out there who are "stoked" by kulturkampf rhetoric as well as all-too-real fears about their jobs, wages, health insurance, and school tuition

Okay, so The Atlantic Monthly doesn't actually say that the new generation of liberals doesn't care about the poor. But compare the social passions of MoveOn.org with 1968 and civil rights and Black Panther chic--whatever their other failings, the liberals of that generation were determined to launch and win a War on Poverty. But today's generation--nope. Their passions are elsewhere. And it showed up in the results of 2 Nov 2004--the tepid response to John Kerry and the indifference in the black community to whether Kerry won or lost.

Large parts of the white working class are now solidly GOP. And black pastors, furious over gay marriage and deeply concerned over the black family, are looking toward a GOP that offers faith-based initiatives and affirmation of the traditional family. The white suburban grad-school liberals, proud of their education and contemptuous of those who don't share it, have no clue as to what is going on in their country, and no clue as to how much they've done to lead their party to defeat.


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