Sunday, March 13, 2005

Condi's run and the pro-life movement

The Washington Times carries an interview with Condi.

1. Condi clears the decks to run. Asked to take a Sherman, she quietly declines: "I really can't imagine it." In other words--she won't rule out running. In fairness, she probably has not made up her mind at this point; and she probably has also not given it much hard thought. As Ariel might say, "It's all so...sudden."

2. She may well have an interest in keeping her options open as long as possible. A secretary of state who is seen as a potential president probably has more clout, both with foreign governments and domestically. If she is a live option for a permanent residence in the White House, both foreign leaders and congressional kingpins have to take her much more seriously.

3. She positioned herself in the interview as a moderate on abortion: she is against government funding for abortion, and favors banning partial birth abortion. But that's as far as she goes. In the long run, that won't be enough. The pro-life wing of the GOP is very important--especially in Iowa, and they will want a stronger pro-life position from her. Or they will look elsewhere in the primaries. But this is an issue on which positions have been known to evolve as candidates get more serious about running. The odds are that the positions sketched in her interview with the Washington Times may not be her last words on the subject.

Oh, boy. Everything gets messier.

She does an interview today on MSNBC. Was that a Sherman or not? Powerline thinks it was. I'm not so sure, but I'm working off the transcript. If that's a Sherman, it looks to me like she put so many escape clauses into it, that it's not going to take Houdini to get her out of it.

Pro-lifers will appreciate the fact that she made it clear that she supports the President's Mexico City policy. Again, that's not enough, but it makes a stronger case for her when it comes time to court the pro-lifers--me included.


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