Sunday, March 06, 2005

Doves are cooing over Condi the Hawk

This is priceless. Self-proclaimed dove says Condi smoothes her feathers... at Dove's Eye View:

March 04, 2005
Diplomacy Works
Matthew Yglesias says in TAPPED: Diplomacy
"what liberals need to be pointing out here is the extent to which this Lebanon episode -- like Ukraine's Orange Revolution before it, and, one hopes, political reform in Egypt -- vindicates the general liberal approach to world affairs. Choosing your moments carefully, following the lead of domestic opposition groups, and working through non-military channels can be a very effective way of getting things done."
The Dove was thinking a less coherent version of this thought while listening to Condoleeza Rice on the radio, talking with Jim Lehrer about Syria. Our Secretary of State impressed me today, and my oh-please-don't-b.s.-me-I'm-switching-you-off meter didn't buzz. If Condoleeza is as sincere as my meter says she is, and if she's able to back up her sincerity with good diplomacy, then I will post a picture of her in that dominatrix coat suit over my computer. She's certainly displaying measured,
articulate steel. Good for her.


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