Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Master's Voice: MSM want Condi vs. Hillary

By this point, it's difficult to think there's much doubt: the MSM are sliding rapidly to an all-but-open advocacy of Condi vs. Hillary 2008 match-up.

Some of my friends complain on a regular basis about the liberal bias of the MSM. And it is there. But time in Europe has left me more respectful of the MSM than some: if you think CBS is biased, you haven't spent much time reading what passes for journalism in Germany or the UK. Next to them, Dan Rather is a model of fair and balanced reporting. To put it differently, however slanted the MSM is, there is nearly always a good faith effort to at least try to be neutral--or at least to look like it. Would that the Europeans were as balanced as the American MSM.

More powerful--often--than liberal vs. conservative bias is the bias among the MSM for a good story. And for the MSM, Condi vs. Hillary is the dream race. As an opportunity for hype, headlines, and stories that will drive ratings up, Condi vs. Hillary is a match made in heaven. Condi is going to benefit for the next four years from the drive of the MSM for a great race in 2008. Her careful refusal in recent days to rule out such a run is going to add fuel to the fire. At current rates, Condi will be the apparent GOP front-runner sometime in 2007.


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