Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The truth about Terri's medical condition...

In my judgment, the key reason for supporting Terri's appeal is that the courts have been fundamentally irresponsible in ordering her to die without bothering with either an MRI or a PET. In short, there is insufficient reason to believe the doctors claiming PVS--the doctors on the opposite side have equal to better evidence on their behalf: Terri is not PVS, and there is reason to believe she would benefit from rehabilitation.

Now comes evidence that even the CT that has been done was misread. The analysis is based on Terri's published CT, and is assessed by an MD online.

UPDATE: more medical evidence that Terri was physically abused prior to her head injury. Where is CSI Miami when we need them?

UPDATE II: Nobel-prize nominated MD states that Terri can be rehabilitated.

UPDATE III: Here, as so often, the MSM simply cannot be trusted to tell the full truth. Michelle Malkin is on the case.

UPDATE IV: This testimony by a neurologist explaining why Terri is not PVS summarizes the evidence powerfully.


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