Sunday, March 27, 2005

Why Al Qaeda is losing...

Here's an excellent statistic from the Strategy Page:

"Based on information posted on al Qaeda web sites (praising individual "martyrs" who died in Iraq), some 60 percent of the al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia. Another ten percent are from Syria, seven percent from Kuwait, about 15 percent from many other Moslem nations, and eight percent from Iraq."

That's a recruiting disaster for Al Qaeda. America invades Iraq, yet AQ has virtually no success at convincing the occupied Iraqis to join AQ. The AQ numbers continue to look pretty much like the September 11th hijack team: overwhelmingly from Saudi Arabia and the Wahabi educational system there.

This agrees with reports that have been in the Arab press ever since Baghdad fell: the Iraqis hate AQ because AQ are a bunch of foreigners who come in, side with Saddam, and murder native Iraqis.

AQ is losing...even in Iraq.


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