Monday, April 25, 2005

A second welcome to Hugh Hewitt readers...

Herzlich Wilkommen--as the Germans say...a language that may get a little more attention with the first German pope in centuries.

President Aristotle is a blog inspired by HH's thesis that blogs represent the new information Reformation. Here I've tried to apply Aristotelian thinking to public life and culture. For Aristotle, philosophy's love of reason involved a quest for causes (four causes in the classic Aristotelian formula). This meant that in the last analysis, the universe we live in could not rationally be understood as uncaused: behind the shifting phenomena of matter and energy was an uncaused cause, an unmoved mover, an unchanged changer--a high God over all the universe. This god was not found in an act of religious faith. Rather he was found by the use of true reason. This meant that an attack on the existence of God was ultimately an attack on the very nature of reason itself. And this philosophy of Aristotle's was foundational for the University of Oxford and nearly all the great universities of Europe.

Hence Aristotle--and with him nearly all the great thinkers of the western tradition--is directly opposed to the tendency common since Kant (d.1804) of putting God and reason in separate and conflicting categories. The rebellion against this philosophy has led directly to the morass of postmodernism, and what Pope Benedict XVI has called "the dictatorship of relativism."

This blog then tries to offer a gracious defence in the Aristotelian tradition of the basic principles of democracy and the Republic--or as Thomas Jefferson put it: ""Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God?" (Jefferson, Notes on Virginia 1782).


At Monday, 25 April, 2005, Blogger W. said...

Great blog. Came here by way of blogfather Hugh. Will be back. As a "peeping Thomist," I wholeheartedly agree with your use and discipleship of Aristotle. I am at

At Monday, 25 April, 2005, Blogger GrenfellHunt said...

W., you're doing excellent work. I dropped by your place, just posted some notes on a great LA Times article you found. Thanks again.


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