Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The real story in Iraq

It was Clausewitz who pointed out that the purpose of war was not to kill people, but to break the enemy's will to resist.

The last year and a half has been a determined effort by terrorists in Iraq to break the American will to resist, aided by a mainstream news media determined to publish every scrap of bad news available and browbeat the American people into retreat. That strategy collapsed when the American people stood up for W on 2 Nov 2004; it took a further blow when the US military swept the terrorists out of Fallujah; and was dealt what was probably the coup de grace on 30 Jan 2005 when the people of Iraq stood proudly for democracy.

Comes now two stories that summarize the state of the will of the terrorists and the will of the American soldiers: Zarqawi is told that the morale of his terrorists in collapsing.

And despite the challenges of battle, American soldiers continue to re-enlist at astonishing rates.

Clausewitz would wonder if this is the writing on the wall...if it's not, it's at least the first draft.


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