Thursday, May 19, 2005

Time to restore balance to the Force--the stakes in the filibuster fight

Very simply: the filibuster rule undermines democracy.

To overturn a law, the Supreme Court needs just 5 votes. But to check that, the US Senate needs 60 in order to stop a filibuster against a good judge. That places the balance of power in the hands of unelected, unrepresentative minorities--and puts the Constitution at risk.

HH has taken McCain and Chuck Hagel to task. Absolutely. They should be leading the charge--not fighting to undermine the constitution.

Kudos to Senator George Allen of Virginia--who understands what the GOP needs in a presidential candidate. And note that this would be a good place of Giuliani to take a stand--here he can pick up points with Catholics and evangelicals by emphasizing his loyalty to the Constitution. Condi will help her position with social conservatives by making it clear that she's loyal to her president.


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