Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Baghdad suicide bombs down by 50%--what the NYTimes won't report

From Strategy Page: July 10, 2005: For the forth time in a month, a mixed battalion of American and Iraqi troops conducted raids on terrorist hideouts in western Iraq. These raids, and the ongoing (since May) operations in Baghdad, have cut the number of suicide bomb attacks in Baghdad in half. Over a thousand terrorist suspects have been arrested, and several hundred killed or wounded when they resisted with force. Increased cooperation from Sunni Arabs in western Iraq, and in Baghdad, is resulting in more suicide bombers getting caught, and bomb workshops, and cars rigged with explosives, getting seized. The American plan is to continue with these operations, using more and more Iraqi troops and police, until the terrorists are worn down to practically nothing. The number of police and troops increases each week. By the end of the Summer, the government expects to see a downward trend in terrorist violence.


At Thursday, 14 July, 2005, Blogger MommyCool said...

The number may be down, but look at how brutal the last one was when it targeted children. Nothing is productive when you kill the innocent, especially children who don't understand this world they were brought into. asks, "If there were piles of shiny, golden coins worth millions and billions of dollars, would a suicide bomber stop his mission on the street to gaze at the potential of the loot?" These Iraqi kids were gold.


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