Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Pro-Abortion Mantra: Screw Abstinence!

It's so, well, twisted that you would think it's been made up: the new chant for the National Abortion Rights Action Leagues is:

Screw Abstinence

Complete with photographs of screws.

Well, we always knew that our pro-abortion friends had a couple screws loose...but we weren't expecting evidence so explicit, and so self-incriminating.

1. The universe in which humans live is not a universe designed for multiple sexual partners. Every additional partner is a new opportunity for disease transmission and major medical risks. Environmentalism for human beings starts here: encouraging multiple partners is as threatening to the human environment as burning Brazilian forests or harmful emissions into the ozone.

2. Legalized abortion both contributes to and creates a climate of sexual irresponsibility--with devastating social consequences:

Previous abortion: 1975: 18% yes. 2000: 45% yes.
Illegitimacy rate: 1975: 24.5%. 2000: 44%

To put it differently: what these statistics show is that Roe v. Wade in 1973 was a turning point towards sexual irresponsibility and rising illegitimacy. When 45% of US abortions are being done on women who have already had at least one previous abortion, that means that about 80% of the women who have one abortion will be back for a second. And that it turn means that we have we have an irresponsible sexual subculture: you can't be both anti-AIDS and pro-abortion. Legal abortion helps create the irresponsibility that leads to AIDS transmission.

3. The, um, screwy attitudes of the NARAL clinch the point: abortion is about creating the right to bohemian irresponsibility--it's not about making women's lives better.


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