Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror on the North Atlantic

DATELINE: Oxford, UK--17.15pm local time/12.15pm Eastern time.

And so it returns.

Four bombs detonate in London, a direct attack on the North Atlantic alliance, and an attempt to destroy the war on terror.

The bombs targeted three London underground stations, a fourth exploded on a double-decker bus--the last perhaps targeting the area near the Israeli finance minister's hotel. Current sources are projecting deaths in "double-digits"--if it stays that low, then the terrorists have executed their plans poorly, for bombs in underground trains should produce hundreds of deaths.

8.51am blast hits the underground between Liverpool/Moorgate in the financial district--shades of September 11th and an effort to target the economic heart of the West.

8.56am blast hits the underground betwen King's Cross and Russell Square--and area I frequent because it is the British Museum stop.

9.17am blast hits the underground at Edgeware Road--a major stop for commuters entering the city. It would seem that London's reaction time is slow: it is now nearly a half hour since the first terrorist blast and the trains are still running.

9.47am blast hits the bus in Tavistock Square--nearly an hour after the first blast.

The decision to attack London in the middle of the G8 conference can scarcely be an accident--and can scarcely be thought to be well-advised. The allies have not always shown the unity and resolve they showed in the immediate aftermath of September 11th. To attack the allies now, to attack at a moment when all the leaders are in one place together can only rebuild Western resolve and hasten the terrorist defeat.

The ultimate purpose of war--Clausewitz wrote--is not to kill but to break the enemy's will to resist. Terrorism is a tool by the militarily weak, directed against those whom terrorists think strong in power but weak in will. This latest act of barbarism will strengthen the West and speed the day when the threat of terrorism is exterminated from the planet.

Americans can extend our deepest sorrow and sympathy to our British friends and heroes, and their families.

Meanwhile, we ask grace of almighty God to comfort the bereaved, give bravery to our leaders, and bring the forces of terror to swift and certain justice.


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