Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why Americans are like Golden Retrievers

An English friend of mine once remarked: "Americans are like big, friendly puppy dogs that always want to run into the room, jump up and lick you on the face. Sometimes its very appealing and sometimes its very annoying."

So perhaps its not surprising that the AKC has retrievers (labs and goldens) as their top dog for the umpteenth time running. I absolutely refuse to believe reports that poodles were ever America's most popular dog--someone has clearly somewhere mixed up statistics from France.

Meanwhile, here is a statistic from the same article: Since 1971, the average size of an American home has risen 55 percent, to 2,320 square feet.

You really notice the contrast in Europe, where houses are sizes of matchboxes. The social-democratic model, so beloved by Europeans, has simply been a disaster in terms of economic development: if Gerhard Schroeder were as dumb as George Bush, he might be able to cut his unemployment rate in half.


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