Monday, August 01, 2005

Book review!--Harry Potter!!

Well, a short one anyway!

I haven't read the new Harry Potter yet--but my niece just finished HP6 over the weekend.

Uncle: Out of the six Harry Potters, how does this one rank? #1, #2...
Emily: It's the best!
Uncle: Really!
Emily: Yup!
Uncle: Wow...

Uncle is pretty partial to the first HP himself...but kids being the true experts, he bows in homage to the more refined literary judgments of his nieces and nephews....


At Tuesday, 02 August, 2005, Anonymous Dave Deavel said...

It's either #1 or #2. My wife and I have been discussing whether it's as good as THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. We've decided it's close, but we're still leaning with AZKABAN.

At Wednesday, 03 August, 2005, Blogger W. said...

I would like to get your reactions to Sophia House by Michael O'Brien. It is a very affective and cathartic great work of literature. Perhaps his best.


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