Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Dawn writes:

I once heard a Catholic respond to the question of whether he believed in God, saying something like, "I should hope so. I ate Him this morning."

Or as one convert to the Catholic faith put it to me: if you're mad at God when you go to Mass, just crunch extra hard!

The theological point here is the lex orandi, lex credendi--the rule of prayer is the rule of faith. Worship and theology are one integrated whole: we believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ because Christ visits us in his resurrected body through the eucharist every time mass is celebrated.

The tradition is rooted in St Luke who links Christ's presence in the breaking of the bread on the road to Emmaus with Peter's encounter with the resurrected Christ (Luke 24). Here the sacrament of the eucharist is presented symbolically as parallel to Peter's eyewitness encounter with the resurrected Christ.

St Thomas wrote about this from yet another angle:

On the cross thy godhead made no sign to men
Here [in the eucharist] thy very manhood steals from human ken
Both are my confession, both are my belief
And I pray the prayer of the dying thief


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