Friday, August 26, 2005

Specter and Able Danger

Friday, August 26, 2005
Specter and Able Danger...

Sen Arlen Specter's decision to go after the Defense Department on Able Danger has raised some eyebrows. Captain's Quarters thinks he's serious, despite the reservations that many conservatives have about Specter.

I suspect he's quite serious for a reason that some may have forgotten or not quite understood--Specter was a key staffer for the Warren Commission in 1964. As such he identifies with the special problems that 9/11 Commission had in investigating a major national tragedy.

What people forget--or may not appreciate--is that the staff of the Warren Commission was very well aware of the fact that the FBI, CIA, the Dallas police department, and other government agencies were determined to hide to the maximum extent politically possible their own malfeasance and misfeasance in the period leading up to the JFK assassination.

Specter would have little or no confidence in the willingness of the executive branch to volunteer information to the 9/11 Commission that would tend to implicate the government in its failure to prevent terrorism.

From Specter's perspective based on his experience with the Warren Commission, allegations that the government failed to act on information that would have prevented 9/11 have an a priori credibility.

We'll see what happens, but Specter has always cut his own course; here it might be well to take seriously his own take on his career: A Passion for Truth.


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