Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Condi guns for 2008...

Okay, so it's only Patrick Ruffini's September 2005 straw poll. But once again Condi is the front-runner, leading Giuliani 33%-13 (with Jeb in 3rd at 11).

What little hard evidence we have backs this up. A real poll from
Iowa in August 2005 surveys 400 GOP voters likely to vote in the 2008 caucuses. Without Condi, it's Rudy and McCain tied at 22%, Newt at 14. Put Condi in and she sweeps up: Condi 30%, McCain 16, Rudy 15, Newt 7.

This isn't an accident: it's based on her very high name recognition and approval ratings:
Candidate: (name recognition) approval/disapproval.
Rudy: (91) 66/8
McCain: (94)44/33
Condi: (94.5)80/8

Very simply, Condi has the highest name recognition and highest approval rating of any leading contender for president.

And she cleans up in a very pro-life state: The Iowa GOP runs pro-life 61%, pro-choice 11%, doesn't matter 25%. And they run against embryonic stem cell research 54-32%.

Iowa's positive response to Condi seems typical of the rest of the country. The GOP internet base from Patrick Ruffini August straw poll with 17,000 responses shows Condi leading in every region of the country:

West: 39/15 Condi over Cheney
South: 36/13 Condi over Cheney
Midwest: 38/15 Condi over Cheney
Northeast: 36/14 Condi over Cheney

And Condi sweeps referrals from every leading blog:

Instapundit: 49/11 Condi over Giuliani
Free Republic: 33/22 Condi over Tancredo
HHewitt: 37/18 Condi over Cheney
MMalkin: 40/18 Condi over Cheney
Polipundit: 42/14 Condi over Cheney
Red State: 31/16 Condi over Jeb

...are these the internet tremors of a coming political earthquake?


At Wednesday, 28 September, 2005, Blogger W. said...

Thought your philosophical self might enjoy this:

"Democrats and Descartes"

at http://eagleandelephant.blogspot.com/2005/09/democrats-and-descartes.html



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