Friday, September 30, 2005

No on Gonzales: an inside scoop

It has been clear ever since W clinched his victory in December of 2000 that Alberto Gonzales was being groomed for a Supreme Court slot. The President has made it clear that he wants to appoint the first Hispanic nominee to the Supreme Court--and equally clear that he wants Gonzales to be that pick.

This blog has little access to "inside information"--the closest I come is a highly placed DC social conservative who worked with the Bush team when W was governor of Texas. And for the last few years he has been asking me to pray that Gonzales NOT get the Supreme Court pick--precisely because Gonzales could not be trusted on Roe.

What my source tells me on this is the same as we are hearing from just about everybody who knows Gonzales personally--that Gonzales is simply not a pro-life social conservative.

If this is wrong, then Gonzales must be a singularly unskilled DC politician. He has had close to five years in Washington to meet leading conservatives and win their trust. Instead, he has faced a firestorm of conservative opposition both inside and outside the beltway.

Having burned his bridges with conservatives, he has infuriated liberals as well with his memos on the war on terror. He has become, in short, the anti-Roberts: where Roberts won praise from left and right, Gonzales has large numbers of those on both left and right ready to burn him in effigy and throw him into the Potomac.

Perhaps Roberts is really a social conservative, somewhere in secret where only Rove and W know it. But this is a Supreme Court nomination, and the nation deserves better than a stealth nominee. That is a strategy that has produced O´Connor and Kennedy and Souter.

We cannot afford the risk on Gonzales.


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