Saturday, September 03, 2005

Roberts' rebels running short of rounds...

Critics of US Supreme Court nominee John Roberts seem to be running short on rounds.

Case in point is the recent letter containing the names of 160 law school professors opposed to Roberts.

Just 160? US law school faculties run 85-95% Democratic, particularly the top-tier schools. There shouldn't be any difficulty rounding up about 7 zillion law school profs to scorch this guy with a blow torch.

A quick match of the recent letter with the top-ranked law schools shows how few professors at top-tier schools have any interested in going on the war-path against Roberts. The following uses the USNews rankings, which are not without deficiencies but will certainly do for a rough and ready sketch.

1. Yale: 2 profs
2. Harvard: 1 prof
3. Stanford: 1
4. Columbia: 1
5. New York U: 2 profs
6. UChicago: 1 (an associate prof)
7. UPennsylvania: 1
8. UMichigan: 1
9. UVirginia: 0
10. Northwestern: 0
11. Cornell: 0
12. Duke: 4 (1 from the University, 3 from the law school)
13. UCal Berkeley: 4

The showing from Berkeley is especially sorry: 4 law profs signed on to stop Roberts? That's it? at Berkeley?

The petition was spear-headed by Chemerinsky of Duke--whose colleagues at Duke thought so little of it that only 3 signed on.

The other key leader was Peter Edelman of Georgetown--who was also to find a mere 3 colleagues from Georgetown.

4 apiece then from Georgetown and Duke--even within their own faculties these guys can't find enough peers to play ball to form a basketball team.

Barring something unexpected, Roberts looks like a slam-dunk.


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