Saturday, September 24, 2005

Stats on Judges

A very interesting study of conservatism in US appeals cases:
From 2002 and Judicature.
All of the names except Easterbrook are listed as possible picks to O'Connor's Supreme Court slot.

Judge Composite Ideology (percent conservative rulings)

Janice Rodgers Brown (SCOCA)--59.9
Frank Easterbrook-------------68.8
Emilio Garza------------------70.4
Edith Jones-------------------71.3
J. Michael Luttig-------------68.2
J. Harvie Wilkinson-----------79.5
U.S. Court of Appeals Average--64.4

Via Volokh. It's interesting to see that JRBrown--the woman who sends some conservatives into orbit--is actually the most liberal of the judges listed, and more liberal than the US Court of Appeals average.


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