Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito to the Supreme Court

News reports confirm what White House sources had indicated since Friday: Samuel Alito will be President Bush's next nominee to the Supreme Court.

Determined to avoid being ambushed again by negative reactions, the White House carefully orchestrated a series of trial balloons to make sure that Alito was acceptable to the GOP base.

On Friday, White House sources let bloggers at ConfirmThem know that Alito along with Michael Luttig was the leading choice for the next nominee for the Supreme Court. The ConfirmThem website had been ground zero for the uprising against previous court pick Harriet Miers, but over the weekend the reaction to Samuel Alito was strongly positive among the GOP's activist base.

Although some were concerned about Alito's lack of express commitment to a Scalia-style philosophy of original intent, most were won over by his excellent credentials and strong conservative track record.

An intense debate took place over whether Alito would be likely to overturn Roe v Wade. Although Alito has never openly criticized Roe, he wrote a key dissent in the 1992 Casey decision on abortion. In his dissent, he indicated support for a rational basis test for abortion rulings as opposed to the undue burden test ultimately adopted by the Supreme Court; the rational basis test would make it much easier for the states to regulate abortion, and would seriously undermine Roe v Wade without actually reversing it.

Samuel Alito is 55. Senator Arlen Specter is said to support him and be a key ally. Alito has a BA from Princeton, a JD from Yale, worked for the Reagan Justice Department, and is on the short list of Robert Bork.

Late last night, Senator Harry Reid raised the possibility of a filibuster if Alito were chosen.

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At Monday, 31 October, 2005, Blogger Tom P said...

Good morning, GH

Alito is a fine choice, particularly in view of how the KosKids are reacting (Oh no! He thinks womyn belong to their husbands!). In fact, there's a strong argument that he's the smartest political choice: he's very personable and confirmable to the extent that if Reid attempts to filibuster, the door is opened for politically safe use of the constitutional option.

While he's not been an advocate of originalism, he's at the very least a solid conservative ... and who knows what might happen once he's on the court? He might grow under the influence of the originalist wing.

BTW, it's not Scalia who's a member of the "original intent" school -- that's Thomas. Scalia is an "original meaning" advocate.

At Monday, 31 October, 2005, Anonymous saveliberty said...

I am pleased with the nomination. But our Senators have shown that they often lose their spines. Specter has a personal issue with Alito and my confidence in the dwarfs is small.

Will he have at least 50 votes? I hope so.

At Wednesday, 02 June, 2010, Blogger 蒜泥白肉Lynn said...



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