Monday, October 31, 2005

Aristotle and the plague of promiscuity

IrishLaw--a great new blog discovery--has an excellent post on a recent medical journal article.

The key figures are that sexually transmitted diseases caused about 30,000 deaths in 1998. Cases of infertility caused by STDs ran 600,000 per year. And the current estimate is that half of young people will contract an STD by the age of 25.

Number of deaths in 2004--and the cause

1.3 million--US abortion deaths in 2004 (est)
700,000--US heart disease deaths
560,000--US cancer deaths
107,000--US deaths in accidents
30,000--US suicides
30,000--US deaths from STDs (including AIDS/1998)
27-30,000--Iraqi civilian deaths (estimated since 2003)
20,000-US homicides
14,000--US AIDS/HIV deaths
2,016--US military deaths in Iraq since the beginning of the war
59--death penalty executions in the US 2004

So sexually transmitted diseases killed 10 times more Americans in a single year than have died in Iraq.

It's not unreasonable to think that Roe v Wade has played a key role in changing American sexual habits. If abortion is always available as a fallback, couples need be less careful about their behaviour. The statistics indicate the history:

Previous abortion: 1975: 18% yes. 2000: 45% yes.
Illegitimacy rate: 1975: 24.5%. 2000: 44%

Abortion is fundamentally a means of birth control for the irresponsible: 45% of those who had abortions in the year 200 had previously had one or more abortions. Abortion has encouraged the irresponsibility that leads to out of wedlock births: since abortion was legalized in 1973, illegitimacy instead of dropping has sky rocketed.

Altogether, these statistics give us the basic bad news. Abortion is the leading cause of death in America--the key target in building a pro-life civilization, the deaths from this cause dwarfing suicide, homicide, AIDS, the war in Iraq or the death penalty.

Something to think about as we contemplate the next justice for the Supreme Court...


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