Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Miers: 100% pro-life in 1989

The link is from NRO.

1. She supported ratification of a Human Life Amendment to ban abortion except when the mother's life was at stake.

2. She pledged to re-instate the 1973 Texas law struck down by Roe v. Wade which banned abortion except when the mother's life was at stake.

3. She pledged to oppose government funding of abotion.

4. She opposed city funds to help encourage abortions or abortion referrals.

5. She pledged to oppose pro-abortion persons to city positions "to the extent pro-life views are relevant".

6. She promised to refuse the endorsement of any organization that promotes abortion on demand.

7. She pledged to participate in press conferences to promote the pro-life cause.

8. "Will you use your influence as an elected official with the confines of your oath of office to promote the pro-life cause?" Yes.

9. "Will you participate in pro-life rallies and special events?" Yes.

Not even an exception for rape or incest. This is a True Believer.


At Tuesday, 18 October, 2005, Blogger deignan said...

She was also running away from a left-wing pro-choice affiliation when entering that next year for the first time into political office in an area that is heavily pro-life.

Check out her biographic timeline and note that she did not continue this partisan pro-life affiliation any time after her seat was won.

Doesn't that seem a little phony?

At Tuesday, 18 October, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. There's now no doubt that as of 1989, Miers was definitely pro-life.
2. We have no evidence that this has ever changed. Her fight with the ABA suggests that her pro-life convictions were deeply felt. And after the revelation of the Dallas 1989 evidence, no one can pretend that this was merely a procedural issue for Miers.
3. As late as 2000, we have Miers contributing to the campaign of Donald Stenberg, after he defended Nebraska ban on partial birth abortion before the Supreme Court.

Perhaps, Miers, like all of us, hasn't done enough for the pro-life cause. But her convictions are clear and beyond question.


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