Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday White House Trial Balloon: Alito, Jones or Luttig?

Here is the latest from the source code-named Populist:

As of today my sources are saying that there are four names that have received serious attention since the Miers departure on Thursday. Alito, Luttig, Priscilla Owen, and Edith Jones. For whatever reason, my sources feel that Karen Williams is no longer under serious consideration.

I’m also hearing that the conventional wisdom that the nominee will most likely be a man is not accurate. I’ve been told that the White House is still concerned about replacing O’Connor with a woman if a confirmable woman is available that can withstand the tremendous pressure the hearings will cause. Of the many available women, as of today my sources feel Jones and Owen were the finalists among that pool to go along with Alito and Luttig. But my sources also feel that if Bush goes with a woman Edith Jones is much more likely to get the nomination than Owen.

So based on what my sources are suggesting, the list looks like Alito, Edith Jones, or Mike Luttig as serious contenders as of today. Apparently Luttig is getting many endorsements from establishment conservatives, as if Edith Jones. My sources feel that the final pick will come down to how Bush interacts with each candidate, but they feel Alito probably has a small advantage because of his more “personable” demeanor.

So with this, we now post our Saturday trial balloon poll:

Saturday White House trial balloon: Alito, Jones, or Luttig for Supreme Court
Samuel Alito
Edith Jones
Michael Luttig
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At Saturday, 29 October, 2005, Blogger Tom P said...

Jones would be a real coup, and a genuflection to the conservative fraction of the base (which, IMHO, is somewhat overdue).

That said, neither Alito nor Luttig would make me unhappy.

As an aside, I see you've linked in your post to the beginning of the thread in which The Populist makes the quoted comment. It might be easier for visitors to your site to find the comment in that thread if you linked directly to his post.

At Saturday, 29 October, 2005, Blogger GrenfellHunt said...

TomP: Thanks! I thought I HAD linked to his post!


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