Saturday, October 01, 2005

Terror strikes again in Bali

Today´s terror strike in Bali is yet another reminder that we are a nation at war. And it is yet another reminder that terrorists were trying to kill us long before we went to Iraq--the last attack in Bali was 2002, before we or the Australians had chosen to liberate the troubled Iraqis from their terrorist-subsidizing dictator.

And it is worth noting too that the French recently arrested a group of terrorists in France--proof that opposing the war in Iraq buys safety for no one (link forthcoming).

Finally, it is worth noting that the Supreme Court appointment will be affected by this: for W, it is less important how a judge votes on Roe v. Wade than how that justice is likely to vote in upholding executive powers on the war on terror.

Unfortunately, the terror attack strengthens the chance that the president will appoint Attorney General Gonzales to the Supreme Court. Here, the Senate must just say no: the country needs a justice committed to the constitution; Gonzales, with his questionable commitment to originalism and his pro-torture memos, is not an appropriate choice at this time.


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