Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What stealth nominee?

A few posts ago, I remarked that Miers' stealth disguise was pretty thin.


It's non-existent:

Miers on Texas Sodomy
[Kathryn Jean Lopez 10/04 09:41 AM]

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers went on record favoring equal civil rights for gays when she ran for Dallas City Council, and she said the city had a responsibility to pay for AIDS education and patient services.

But Miers opposed repeal of the Texas sodomy statute _ a law later overturned by the court on which she will sit if confirmed _ in a survey she filled out for a gay-rights group during her successful 1989 campaign.

(Boldface added).


At Sunday, 16 October, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect that it would have been a huge political faux pas, to say the least, for her to have come out in favor of repealing the law. Those sorts of laws which are usually left unenforced and which most people really wouldn't want enforced stick around for a reason: politicians don't want to open themselves up to being weak on moral values. If she had said "yes," her political opponents might have said, "Look! Harriet Miers approves of men sodomizing each other!"

It would be interesting to see how many politicians in Texas in the late eighties actually supported repealing the sodomy law, and how they broke down by party.

Even if she actually favored the law, that doesn't mean that she still supports it or even thinks the constitution allows it: Sandra Day O'Connor voted to uphold Georgia's sodomy law in Bowers but wrote a concurrence to the decision striking down the Texas law in Lawrence.

At Tuesday, 18 October, 2005, Blogger GrenfellHunt said...

Ouch--clear, sad evidence of O'Connor's drift to the left.

At Wednesday, 02 June, 2010, Blogger 蒜泥白肉Lynn said...



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