Wednesday, November 09, 2005

POLL & FORUM: The Truth about the War

Norman Podhoretz has just published a classic on the recent debate on the war in Iraq.

It is clear, calm, and unequivocal: President Bush told the truth about WMDs in Iraq.

If you are a supporter of the War, it is must reading. If you are opposed to the War, then Podhoretz's defense of the Administration calls for a careful answer.

I'm hoping to discuss the Podhoretz article with both supporters and critics in the comments section.
UPDATE: This poll has caused serious problems with Blogger and has been deleted.


At Wednesday, 09 November, 2005, Anonymous AMR said...

I have gotten to the point that anyone who says that Bush lied about WMDs is not worth talking to about anything. If they can't acknowledge that Democrats, Republicans and the international community's public officials believed Iraq had WMDs available during the invasion, then they are plain “stuck on stupid” beyond recovery. Anyone remember the Left worrying that if we invaded, Iraq would use their WMD against our troops. That the military made our troops wear chemical protective gear in a very hot climate, which reduces combat efficiency. I have given up on the Democrats, who have limited survival instincts regarding America’s existence, and to some degree Republicans, who appear to have misplaced their backbones when it comes to defending themselves.

At Thursday, 10 November, 2005, Anonymous Doug Hoffer said...


I completely agree. The levels of denial and delusion regarding this issue on the left is really amazing. Equally amazing is the administration's reluctance to defend itself, especially considering so many of the accusations of dishonesty are so easily disproved. I think what troubles (not surprises) me the most is the media's complicity in perpetuating this myth about Bush lying. The fact that Joe Wilson is still treated as if he's credible is especially galling.

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