Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rush's RINOs

Rush is charging RINOs

High on Rush's list are John McCain and George Voinovich. The former needs no introduction, the latter is my senator from Ohio.

McCain as a RINO? Well, for 2004, the National Journal rates his conservativism as 48 on economic issues, 49 defense/foreign policy, and 55 social issues. That might make him a moderate, but not a RINO: his American Conservative Union rating for 2004 was 72; not up to Barry Goldwater, but not bad. His ACLU rating from 2000-2002 was 0. McCain's NARAL rating in 2003/4 was 0; his National Right to Life rating was 82. His John Birch Society rating for fall 2004 was 90; his Christian Coalition rating for 2004 was 83; his Concerned Women of America rating for 2004 was 100. The pro-defense American Security Council rated him for 2003-2004 at 100.

This isn't an accident: McCain has taken the lead defending W on the War on Terror; he's led the efforts to cut spending post-Katrina; and notwithstanding the Gang of 14, he's been outspoken on the issue of pro-life judges. With 99 senators like him, the Senate would be united on the War on Terror, the budget would be balanced, and the federal judiciary would be stocked with judges loyal to the Constitution.

Voinovich as a RINO? For 2004, his National Journal conservativism ratings are 61 economic, 57 defense/foreign policy, 53 social issues. His American Conservative Union rating was 76--which sure isn't Ronald Reagan, but he's no RINO either. More: Voinovich has a 100% National Right to Life rating; an 80% rating from the John Birch Society; and a 100% rating from the Christian Coalition.

Exactly how did a guy with a 100% Christian Coalition rating get confused with a RINO?

Okay: John Bolton. An issue I think he was mistaken on. But that doesn't make him a RINO. If you doubt it, check out yesterday's vote on withdrawing from Iraq, where Voinovich came down squarely on W's side. That shouldn't surprise anybody since his American Security Council rating for 2003-2004 was 100.

Hunting RINOs is legitimate big-game sport...But McCain and Voinovich shouldn't be in the cross-hairs.


At Thursday, 17 November, 2005, Anonymous Doug Hoffer said...

I think McCain's op-ed in the New York Post today really illustrates why the RINO tag doesn't fit.


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