Friday, March 31, 2006

The Crack-up in Academia

Three facts characterize modern academia: the sun rises in the east, it sets in the west, and it is almost impossible for conservative Christians get hired within mainstream academia.

Alas, it can even be difficult for conservative Christians to keep their jobs at allegedly religious universities.

The latest case is Francis Beckwith of Baylor University. A remarkably prolific scholar who has outpublished and outperformed nearly all his peers at Baylor (and pretty much everywhere else), Beckwith has an Achilles' heel: he's pro-life and he argues for it in print.

This might not have been a problem at Baylor until recently. Under President Robert Sloan, Baylor had hired world-class scholars with known Christian commitments in an effort to make Baylor a center for Christian academic excellence.

But Sloan was forced out, and the new administration has launched a purge of Christian conservatives. The sorry tale is told by a Baylor grad student, writing incognito at American Spectator.


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