Saturday, March 04, 2006

Die Grosse Stille--Into Great Silence

A film with no script, no dialogue, and a soundtrack entirely in Gregorian chant, has been playing to packed houses in Germany, and now across Europe. A feature-length documentary, it has no interviews, no narrator, no background material. Entitled Die Grosse Stille -- Into Great Silence -- it is about the life of the monks in Grande Chartreuse, the mother house of the Carthusian monastic order.

So writes David Warren in a wonderful post brought to my attention by Kerry Hogan of Smoothing Plane. Kerry writes:

Without a Great Silence beneath us, among us, within us, there is nothing. A great and terrible nothingness is advancing upon us... If we do not come to our knees on our own, and reconnnect our small selves with God, the conflagrations coming which will force us there, may be unendurable.


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