Monday, March 06, 2006

Winning in Iraq: the metrics

Something not covered in today's Washington Post story: We're winning.

The chart on the right contains the stats on US military fatalities in Iraq of the last few months.

The chart was put together by Pierce Wetter. (HT: Instapundit).

We're working with pretty much the same data and coming to pretty much the same conclusions. I gave additional statistics to support the same conclusion over the weekend.

This is the chart for Iraqi police deaths--down substantially.

And this is the chart for Iraqi civilian deaths.

I would add one important caveat on this: some of this is cyclical. The Iraqi insurgents have usually reduced their attacks in the winter, and picked up in the spring/summer starting in April. In my post on this I emphasized year over year figures to help mitigate the influence of climate on these statistics.


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