Monday, April 10, 2006

Rush as the clown prince of conservativism

Sometimes conservatives are so easy to caricature...Rush Limbaugh cites a great article from the Asia Times by Spengler, the nom de plume of one of their columnists. At the end of the article, Rush remarks:

Now, this is Asia Times Online. The date of this story is April 11, 2006, and the author is simply named "Spengler." I don't know first names. It's all I know.

Rush, buddy, the name is taken from Oswald Spengler, a German intellectual 1880-1936, best known for his study, The Decline of the West.

Of course, this still makes Rush better educated than Howard Dean, who once claimed that the Book of Job was his favourite book in the New Testament.


At Sunday, 16 April, 2006, Blogger Kerry said...

Howard probably thought it was the Book of jobs, and was a story of labor disputes.

At Wednesday, 03 May, 2006, Blogger Roy Lofquist said...

I am not sure whether Spengler is one person or perhaps more than one. He/she is a must read - always thought provoking. I wish that there were more commentators that I couldn't predict in general what their take on any issue would be.

Rush Limbaugh, once you realize his schtick, is the most thoughtful voice in the media. Second is perhaps Brit Hume. I am not talking about slant or ideology. Their vocabulary is notably lacking in "junk" words - those that have many meanings to different people.


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